The Mandelbrot Set







What is the Mandelbrot Set?
  • Brief description of the Mandelbrot Set , Handout , More ImagesCalculations
  • Intro to the Mandelbrot Set , Web Site
  • Excel program to test if a complex number converges or diverges.  Excel

Online JAVA Graphics Programs
Zoomable Mandelbrot Fractal  , Web Site
  • Julia and Mandelbrot Set Explorer ,  Site 1 , Site 2
Mandelbrot Explorer , Web Site

Download Programs to run on your computer

• XaoS ,  Home PageDirections to use XaoS

• ChaosPro , Home Page
Once you install ChaosPro
  Select  Fractal
    New Defaulttype
      Escape Time

MANPWIN ,  Home Page (download MANPWIN, near bottom of page)

Mandelbrot for Windows - Careware , Home Page