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Comprehensive Practice Tests & Review -
Courtesy of AIMS Community College
Arithmetic Study Guide - Fractions, Decimals & Percents  -  Worksheet
Prep Algebra Study Guide  -  Worksheet
Algebra Study Guide  -  Worksheet

Misc. Handouts and Worksheets
Graph Paper
    05x05   08x08-1   08x08-4   08x08-9   08x08-9table
    08x08-12   08x08-12blank   10x10-12   16x16-1
    All of the above grids & more in Word format
Planning Calendar for the Semester  -  Handout
Student Information Sheet  -  Handout
Addition & Multiplication Tables , Handout
• Perimeter, Area and Volume
  Geometry Formulas: Perimeter, Area, Volume , Handout
    Perimeter and Area of Geometric Worksheets  -  Worksheet 1  ,  Worksheet 2
    Volume of Geometric Solids  -  Worksheet
The Scarecrow in the Wizard of Oz  ,  Handout
• Numbers
The Number System  -  Handout
Visualize Fractions  -  Web Link
What is pi?  -  Web Link
How about an approximation of pi (to 1,000,000 decimal places!!!) - Web Link

Graphing Calculator Help  - 
Calculator Page

Graphing Programs:  Online and Downloadable  -  Link